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Everything is Energy - Everything is Vibrating

Quantum physics tells us that nothing is actually solid. Everything is energy. Everything is vibrating. And everything on earth is influenced by it. Plants grow better when exposed to certain musical vibrations. Sound vibrations affect the form of molecules. Words, thoughts and music affect the molecular structure of water. The unique molecular vibrational frequency of a chemical works like the actual chemical. The human body has a biofield of energy running through and around it affecting mental and physical health. Here are a few examples of these vibrational influences.

Musical Vibrations Affect The Growth of Plants

Music affects plants. They grow better when exposed to classical and jazz music than hard rock music. When plants don't like the music they are being exposed to, they actually bend away from the speakers the music is coming from. When they like the music, they bend toward the speakers. In an experiment, plants leaned away from Jimi Hendrix, Vanilla Fudge, and Led Zeppelin music. However, when string versions of songs by these artists were played, the plants leaned toward the speakers.

Sound Vibrations Affect Molecular Form

A simple Cymatics experiment can be done by sprinkling sand on a metal plate and vibrating the plate with sound. The sand will then form itself into patterns. The higher the frequency, the more complex the shapes produced.

Thoughts, Words And Music Affect the Molecular Structure of Water

Masaru Emoto used different words (I hate you, love and appreciation) and the names of some deceased people (Adolph Hitler, Mother Teresa) typed them onto paper, taped them on glass bottles filled with water and let them sit overnight. He also placed water between speakers for several hours and played different kids of music (Bach, heavy metal). Emoto froze droplets of the water and examined them under a microscope and photographed them. He found that positive words and classical music created white crystals in beautiful shapes. Negative words and heavy metal music created brown crystals in unappealing shapes.

The Vibrational Frequency of Medicine Works Like Medicine

Fritz Popp, a German biophysics researcher used the vibrational frequency of vasodilator chemicals (histamine and acetylcholine) to produce increased blood flow in the coronary arteries of a guinea pig's heart. Then he applied the opposite chemicals (atropine and mepyramine) which inhibited blood flow. He did not use the actual chemical, but the vibration of the chemical in the form of low frequency waves ( less than 20 Khz). The signal could take the place of the chemical because the signal is the signature of the molecule of the chemical. Popp believed that each molecule in the universe has a unique frequency and the language it uses to speak to the world is a resonating wave. We can swallow chemicals to expose ourselves to the specific resonating wave of a chemical or we can vibrationally expose ourselves and the "vibe" of the medicine works like the medicine.

Imbalance in the Human Biofield Creates Illness in the Body

You may have heard the term "aura". Biophysics uses the term "biofield". It is the subtle energy systems running through and around the human body. Practitioners of energy medicine believe that illness results from disturbances of these subtle energies. The biofield or aura can be photographed using Kirlian photography. Acupuncture is used to balance the energy running through the meridians of the body. Reiki is used to balance the seven chakra energy centers of the body.


The meridians are channels of energy that can be compared to the body's circulatory system. Just like veins carry blood, meridians are the pathways of chi flowing through the body. A break in the flow of chi creates an imbalance resulting in a physical or emotional health problem. Acupuncture helps keep the chi in balance to help the body be healthier.


The chakras are seven energy centers in the human body. They each vibrate a different energy and color. If a Chakra becomes blocked, certain physical or emotional problems can develop. Keeping the chakras balanced and clear helps keep a person healthy in body, mind and spirit. Reiki is used to balance the energy centers.

Positive And Negative Energies Inside Buildings

Every building has both positive and negative energies. These energies form in patterns when a building is constructed. In every building there are nine different energy patterns. One in each of the eight compass sections and the center. These positive and negative energies can have an impact on the occupants of a building. Classical feng shui calls the energies that make up the energy patterns "flying stars".

Where attention goes... energy flows.

What we give our attention to, we give our energy to. You can see what "giving your energy to something" looks like simply by dangling a necklace from your hand and making it move with your mind. In feng shui, energy is called chi. Chi flows through our homes, our bodies, and everything in the universe. We can focus the chi of our body with our mind.

Everything is energy. Everything is vibrating. And everything on earth is influenced by it. That means you.

Robyn Bentley is a feng shui consultant and author of Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home. Her feng shui has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Canadian Living, First For Women, and Nirvana Woman. She offers feng shui consultations for homes and businesses both on site and long distance and can be reached through her web site http://www.fengshuidiva.com

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