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Ultimate Mind Body Soul

In Pursuit of the Ultimate Mind, Body, Soul State...

Our house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul ~ Philip Moffitt


Our mission is to provide valuable information that will empower and inspire you to live your best life! We endeavour to provide effective tools and techniques to help you help yourself, and to assist you in reaching your highest potential in mind, body, and soul. We support you and encourage you to achieve optimal health and vitality, and find inner peace and happiness, by nurturing your mind, rejuvenating your body, and nourishing your soul.

To completely understand our state of physical health, we must delve deeper into the psychological and spiritual choices we make. We must search within and look at the thoughts and attitudes we choose each moment of our lives. We must look at the beliefs we hold, and paradigms we live by and whether we have consciously chosen these or whether we are holding on to beliefs from our childhoods, that often, aren’t even ours. We must look at how we choose to talk to ourselves, about how we love and accept ourselves, and look at our belief in a higher power, a bigger plan, and the mystical and seemingly invisible laws of the Universe.


This all means taking responsibility for ourselves, taking responsibility for the way we live our lives, and taking responsibility for the situations and circumstances we, ourselves, have created in our own lives.
We must be responsible for:

  • discovering who we are,
  • finding out where we have come from,
  • deciding where we are going,
  • searching for and living our purpose,
  • being true to ourselves,
  • loving, respecting and accepting ourselves.

We must take responsibility for recognising that we are ‘human beings’ not ‘human doings’. We must first learn to be in the world, so when we do, when we act, we come from a place of true gratitude, service, love, compassion, understanding, beauty and kindness.

We must take responsibility in understanding:

  • why we react or respond in certain ways
  • why we procrastinate
  • why we need to be in a constant state of stimulation, that is, why we become addicted to multi-tasking
  • why we obsess and fall into bad habits
  • why we do what we do
  • why we remain in our comfort zone even though we are miserable, unhappy, in pain, and uncomfortable
  • why we stay addicted to the things which are harmful to us, that are halting our growth


Why is it that we continue to do the things that are clearly spiralling us into the darkness of depression, or stopping us from achieving our goals, or that are preventing us from helping ourselves, our family, our community, and our world?  Why do we remain in a state of helplessness?  Why do we refuse help or not seek out a better way to live, which could give us an amazing opportunity to contribute to the world in a powerful way and which could possibly even make a positive impact on millions of lives all over the world, or that could help us to leave behind a powerful, positive, legacy.

This is our time! This is YOUR time!! So take a leap of faith, believe in yourself, educate yourself in personal growth, gather the tools, the techniques, the skills, and the knowledge you will need in creating and living your best life, and in ultimately reaching your highest potential in mind, body, and soul…

Have a beautiful day…and live with passion!

Tania Millican